3 New Arcade Games

Hungry Chicken

New for December 2016

  • 2 Player ticket redemption game.  Child friendly characters & cabinet design
    Simple & easy one button control.  Beat the challenge score and win bonus tickets


Whack’em Funky Gators

New for December 2016
Whack’em Funky Gators is our latest rendition of the all-time classic Wacky Gators series.

The easy large button player controls allows kids to play the game with their hands, the way they’ve always wanted to!

The video interface gives us new multi color characters, and some new gators that are 2 or 3 gators wide and require the player to press multiple buttons at once providing a unique spin on the original game play. Knock out the special bonus gator to win an additional ticket bonus!


Duo Drive

New for December 2016

  • Single or 2 player kiddie car / motorbike driving game
    Use your skill to avoid lots of obstacles on the road
    Pick up gold coins along the way for tickets
    First to cross the finishing line wins




Token Deals

Buy In Bulk And Save!

$1 = 3 Tokens
$2 = 6 Tokens
$5 = 16 Tokens

Good Value!
$10 = 35 Tokens

Best Value!
$20 = 80 Tokens

Tokens are non refundable. Our token machines do not give change, exact bills are required.

Tokens can be used in the arcade room, rides, kids kingdom playground and in the zoo animal feed machines.

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