Baby Lemurs Are Here!

The Colasanti Family is excited to announce the safe arrival of our new lemur friends.  Our babies arrived last night, Sept 21.
“It’s Love At First Sight”

Here are some fun facts about our new lemur friends:
  • They arrived at Colasanti’s yesterday- Sept 21
  • They are black and white ring tailed lemurs.
  • Born May 8, 2015, in Ontario Canada
  • Their tails are around 18” in length
  • We estimate their weight to be 3-4lbs
  • They tried raisins for the first time today and they loved them.
  • Their normal diet consists of fruit, veggies and monkey chow.
  • Some of their favourites include: tomatoes, peppers, green beans, bananas, grapes, lettuce, melons, strawberries and oranges.
  • Today was the first time that they saw their reflection in a mirror.  It was cute.  They were very curious.
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