Clay Pot Painting & Planting Workshop

Fun Family Activity! One of our popular educational classes is now being offered to the public.  Great idea for kids, parents & grandparents. Express your creative side, learn how to transplant and care for your potted plant. 10am & 11:30am Saturday April 9, 2016 $7.99+tax/person Includes one 4″ clay pot One plant of your choice: 4″potted […]

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Just Arrived! Desert Gems Cacti

Add a bold dash of colour to your home décor with “Desert Gems Cacti”, $7.99+tax. Super easy to grow. Desert Gems cacti have relatively soft spines, making them a lot less prickly than other cactus varieties. They’re fun houseplants for older children to care for and nurture. Colasanti’s is proud to be selling unique plants […]

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$9.99 Orchid Weekend & Valentine Plant Promotions

Your Phalaenopsis Orchid will flourish indoors in normal light conditions, benefiting from indirect sunlight.  Keep moist at all times.  Do not let the roots sit in water, as the roots will rot.  In the average home, watering once a week is sufficient.  Feed your plant once a month.  For this plant less is more, so do not […]

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