Kingsville BIA Dollars Accepted Here

Redeem your Kingsville BIA Dollars Here!

On Thursday, November 16th, the Royal Bank in Kingsville will start selling Kingsville BIA Dollar Vouchers. A $10 voucher only costs $8.50.
There will be $100,000 worth of BIA Dollar Vouchers available for purchase. The Kingsville Royal Bank will continue to sell BIA Dollar Vouchers until they are sold out or until November 24th – whichever happens first.


• Each voucher has a $10 value. Businesses CANNOT give back change on a voucher. Therefore, if you have one $10 voucher, please make sure that your total purchase come to $10 or more after taxes.

• There is no limit on how many vouchers can be used at one time.

• BIA Dollar Vouchers can be used to purchase a Gift Card from Colasanti’s and any other participating business.

BIA Dollar Vouchers expire on January 31, 2018.

• Starting February 1, 2018, please bring any expired BIA Dollar Vouchers to the Kingsville BIA office. The original $8.50 will be reimbursed to you.

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