Pasta Dinner Fundraiser

Colasanti’s will work with you to plan your pasta dinner, prepare your dinner, clean up and help earn you money. All you have to do is pre-sell tickets to your event.
Please inquire about our evening mini golf packages.

Colasanti’s Cost Price

Adults $9.00
Kids (12 & Under) $5.00
3 & Under FREE

You Choose Your Ticket Price

Pasta Dinner Menu:

2 Different Types Of Pasta
Tossed Salad
Dressing Options: Italian, House or Ranch Fresh Rolls and Butter
Drinks: Coffee and Peach Drink
Add Broasted Chicken To The Menu And Charge More Per Plate.

To Make A Booking, Please Contact A Banquet Coordinator!

Joanne, Jenn, Hailey and Rose
519-326-3287 ext. 18

Easter Lily Fundraising

Colasanti’s is happy to sell groups discounted Easter Lily Flowers as a fundraiser option. You choose your selling price, your group will gather orders and collect all money. Place your final order with Colasanti’s, we will take care of delivery and invoice you at a discounted price.


6″ Pot 2016 Prices TBA
10″ Pot 2016 Prices TBA
Orders greater than $300 (inc. tax) will receive Free Delivery 

To Make A Booking, Please Contact Norma – 519-326-3287 ext. 17

Colasanti’s Wheelchair Fund

Collecting Pop Tabs And Making Donations To Children And Families In Need Since 1994.

It takes about 4000 pounds of pop tabs for one wheel chair. It takes approximately 1,500 pop tabs to make 1 pound therefore we need 6,000,000 tabs for one chair.

In 2013, the pop tab fund collected $10,000 worth of pop tabs and aluminum from our local community. With this money the pop tab fund was able to assist 15 people with their equipment purchases. Donations were given to people as young as 2 years of age to 60 years of age.

Equipment being purchased was wheelchairs, physiotherapy equipment, lifts for vehicles, bike for children.

The types of aluminum, being saved are: Pop Cans and Tabs, Pie Plates, Foil Lasagna Pans, Fruit Cup Lids etc. The aluminum is sold to the recycling plant and the money is then sent to Colasanti’s, which we put directly into the Colasanti’s Wheelchair Fund.

Colasanti's Pop Tabs

Start Collecting Pop Tabs Today!

Contact Angie For More Information :
519-326-3287 ext. 38

Poinsettia Fundraiser

More information coming soon.