Amaryllis kits

Amaryllis plants are easy to grow and the flower is oh, so rewarding.

We have a variety of kits in stock.
Today we are featuring a $9.99+tax package, that includes a pot, planting medium and one bulb.

Planting instructions

Moisten your soil disk.
Place a thin layer of soil at the bottom of your pot.
Set your bulb on top of your soil.
Cover the bottom 2/3 of your bulb with soil, leaving the top 1/3 of your bulb exposed.
Pack your soil gently.
Water the surrounding soil, with lukewarm water. Do not water your bulb.

Care tips

• Keep your soil moist.
• You may have to water more often when your bulb starts growing.
• When your flower buds open you may need to water every other day or daily.
• Keep an eye on your soil to make sure that it is moist and not wet.
• Your plant will grow towards the light. Turn your plant (the pot) to keep it from growing on an angle.

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