Annual & Perennial

Today we are answering a frequently asked question in our greenhouses.
What is the difference between an annual and a perennial?

It all comes down to life cycles and the way the plants grow.
The life cycle of an annual plant is limited to one growing season. Once they bloom, they produce seeds, and then die. These seeds can be germinated to grow new plants, but the original plants will not come back the following year.
Though their life cycle is short, annuals are known for their prolonged period of flowering and showy flowers. Using them in your garden is a great way to experiment with new varieties and colours without making a long-term commitment.
A perennial plant is one that lives more than two years. They are often cold-hardy plants that return each Spring and typically have shorter periods of bloom. Using perennials in your garden is a good long-term investment because they return year after year.
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