Colasanti’s Trending Plants from 2021

2021 was a great year for beautiful plants.
We thought it was time to look back at our Top Hits from the past 365 days.

These were making their way into shopping carts almost as fast as we could grow them. If you were one of the shoppers that snagged any of the plants below, we’d love to see how they look now!

  • String of Pearls
    Delicate trailing succulent.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 2.5″ and 6″ pot.
  • Ruby Rubber Plant
    Tri-coloured leaf variegation giving this variety a strong and bold look.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 4″ pot.
  • String of Hearts
    Long trailing vines covered in beautifully variegated heart-shaped leaves.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 2.5″ pot.
  • Shark Fin Sansevieria
    Low maintenance plant often grown as a single leaf  specimen. Great for a beginner plant parent.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 6″ pot.
  • Black Velvet Alocasia
    Statement foliage recognized for it’s large broad leaves with striking white veins and dark foliage.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 2.5″, 4″ and 6″ pot.
  • Fishbone Cacti
    Unique desert shaped plant with long flat succulent stems and trailing nature.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in 2.5″ and 4″ pots.
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
    A beautiful broad, bright green leaves have deep veining and are attached to sturdy woody stems.
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 4″ pot.
    Shipped from Florida in a 10″ pot.
  • Pink Princess
    Charming green and pink leafed plant, with an easy to care for nature.
    Grown at Colasantis in a 4″ pot.
  • Midnight ZZ Plant
    This ZZ variety’s densely packed vertical stems are adorned with shiny, green-black leaves that create an eye-catching display.
    Shipped from Florida in a 4″ pot.
  • Rattlesnake Calathea
    Show-stopping plant with narrow leaves that end at a point, making it stand-out from other varieties of Calathea
    Grown at Colasanti’s in a 2.5″ pot.
Colasanti's Tropical Gardens - Fiddle Leaf Fig - Tropical Plant
Colasanti's Tropical Gardens - String of Pearls - Tropical Plants
Midnight ZZ Plant - Colasanti's Tropical Gardens - Black ZZ Plant

Learn more about some of our 2021 trending plants on

4″ Ruby Rubber Plant

4″ Shark Fin Sansevieria Plant

4″ Black Velvet Alocasia

2.5″ String of Hearts

4″ Fishbone Cactus

10″ Fiddle Leaf Fig

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