COVID-19 Updates

Windsor-Essex County is in a “STAY-AT-HOME ORDER”

Restaurant Hours

During the STAY-AT-HOME ORDER (starting April 8) 

  • Our restaurant will be open from 10am-6pm daily for take-out and large order deliveries.

Garden Centre Hours

During the STAY-AT-HOME ORDER (starting April 8) 

  • Indoor shopping will be available from 10am-5pm.
    We are permitted to open at 25% capacity.

To ensure the safety of our guests and team members, Colasanti’s has implemented the following measures:

• Masks must be worn.

• Additional sanitizing procedures have been put in place.

• We encourage you to use the hand sanitizing stations available throughout our facility.

• The number of guests entering our establishment will be monitored.

• Our west end entrance and parking lot, near our restaurant, is open.
Our east end entrance is closed at this time.

• We are encouraging social distancing for all associates and guests. Please follow the floor markings, arrows and signage in order to create a positive experience for everyone.

• Plexiglass shields have been installed at all cashier stations.

• We encourage debit and credit transactions whenever possible.

• Restrooms are available for use.

• Outside food and drinks will not be permitted inside the building/greenhouse.

• Service animals are welcome, pets are not permitted.

• Please help do your part. If you are feeling ill or have traveled outside of the country within the last 14 days we ask that you stay home.





  • Visit our Garden Centre between 10am-5pm
  • We are open at 25% capacity.
  • You can shop our plants online

GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED ZONES: Indoor shopping is open

  • Our Home Decor & Collectables Shoppe cashier stations are closed at this time to assist with traffic flow.  We can assist you with your purchases at our west end cashier station, located near our restaurant entrance/exit.
  • Please make sure that you are able to load and unload your shopping carts and vehicles. Our team will be unable to assist you at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Our busiest days of the week are Saturday and Sunday between 12:30pm-3pm.





  • Indoor dining is not permitted while in the ‘stay-at-home’ order, in  lockdown and grey zone.
    Take-out and large order deliveries are available in the ‘grey zone’ between 10am-6pm.


  • Indoor dining is available daily.
    Please note only 50 people are permitted to dine in our indoor dining space while in the ‘red zone’.
    A maximum of 4 guests can dine at one table.
  • Take-out and large order deliveries are available in the ‘red zone’.
  • Please take advantage of our contactless menu. QR codes are available.
  • Locate an open table before you place your order.
  • We would like to limit the amount of people entering our restaurant order area. Please have one member of your group place your order with our team.
  • All guests will need to leave their contact information at time of seating.
  • Our seating area is available based on a first come, first serve basis. We will not be taking reservations or booking parties at this time.
  • Limited seating is available.
  • A time limit on tables will be enforced when we reach seating capacity. Please inquire when you arrive.
  • No outside food, drink or table settings permitted.
  • Enhanced sanitizing measures are in place.




Closed until further notice.

  • In the past we have been allowed to open our Mini Golf and Arcade Room in the Orange, Yellow and Green zones.
  • The number of guests entering our Mini Golf and Arcade room will be monitored.
  • Golf balls, clubs and token cups will be sanitized between use.  Please use the designated bins to assist us with implementing our sanitizing policies.
  • Tokens will be sanitized before they are placed into our token machines.
  • Avoid touching services whenever possible.
  • We have token machines that will accept both cash and credit.
  • Selected ticket eaters will be labelled as ‘out of order’ to help maintain social distancing.
  • Temporary dividers have been placed between selected arcade games to assist with maintaining social distancing.




Closed until further notice.

  • In the past we have been allowed to open our petting farm in the Orange, Yellow and Green zones.
  • Our indoor petting farm is open, our outdoor habitats are closed for the winter.
  • Our Petting Farm has a designated ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’.
  • Our Petting Farm entrance is located at the east end of our building.
  • Animal feed, Meet & Greets and Zoo Shows are not available at this time.
  • All of our animal friends will remain in their habitats.
  • Avoid touching surfaces whenever possible.

Plant Questions

If you have an immediate concern or question with a plant that you purchased please email for assistance.

Upcoming Events

We have no upcoming events at this time.

Indoor Rides

Our Indoor Rides Have Been Removed.

Our rides, playground and inflatables have been closed since mid March 2020.
Currently, there is no information available as  to when our ride area could re-open in the future.
This past October 2020, our team decided to remove the remainder of our kids rides.
We have used our old inflatable, playground and ride space to expand our wholesale plant department.
A special thank you to our community for all of their support during this difficult time.

Our arcade, mini golf and petting farm are still available when permitted.