Decorative Plant Bundle

$28+tax Decorative Plant Bundle

Receive 3 decorative plants for the comforts of your home.

Makes a great low to medium light houseplant bundle.


What’s in our $28 Bundle?

(1) Receive ONE 2.5″ Cylindrical Braid Snake Plant in a decorative pot with coloured gravel.
Choose your gravel colour:
–  Pink
– White
– Yellow
– Ocean Blue (blue mix)
– Red
– Black
– Jelly Bean (purple and pink mix)
– Grey Mix (white and grey tones)

(Regular Value $8.99+tax)

(2) Receive ONE 3.5″ potted Parlour Palm in a decorative pot with green moss.
Choose your pot design
– Woven (as seen in the sample, with the potted parlour palm)
– Geo (top)
– Polka dot (middle)
– Diamond (bottom)

(Regular Value $8.99+tax)

(3) Receive ONE 4″ potted Peace Lily in a decorative pot with green moss.
Choose your pot design
– Diamond (as seen in the sample, with the potted peace lily)
– Polka dot (bottom left)
– Geo (top right)
– Woven (bottom right)

(Regular Value $14.99+tax)

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Available until Saturday August 1, 2020 or while supplies last. Taxes are applicable.
No further discounts apply.
Only available through our Facebook and Instagram “Plant Pick-Up” Program.
This bundle is not available in our Garden Centre.

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