Festive Holiday Tillandsia Craft Idea

Give your Tillandsia plant an easy and fun festive look.
“Holiday Tillandsia Collection”

What you need:

• small birch log
• preserved moss
• small pine cones
• decorative berries
• one Tillandsia, also know as air plant
• hot glue gun


Start by using your hot glue gun to secure your moss, pinecones and berries.
We prefer to mount the moss at the back of your log, with the pinecones and berries near the front.
Once everything is glued, you can set your Tillandsia on the moss.
It’s that easy!


We have everything you need to create your festive air plant collection.
Our design team has created a selection of pre-made arrangements.
🔴Small Tillandsia arrangement $4.99+tax
🔴Medium Tillandsia arrangement $6.99+tax

Unplanted tillandsia are $2.99+tax each

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