Giving Tuesday! Free Donuts with your donation

Join the movement dedicated to giving back!
After Black Friday and Cyber Monday….Giving Tuesday!

Give to a cause you care about and support your favourite charities.

On Tuesday December 1 we will be raising funds for our Colasanti Wheelchair Fund.
Receive 6 FREE donuts when you make a $5 or more donation to Colasanti’s Wheelchair Fund on Giving Tuesday.

What is the ‘Wheelchair Fund’?
Our company has been collecting pop tabs and aluminum since 1994. The funds raised from our program have been used to purchase wheelchairs, physiotherapy equipment, lifts for vehicles and special bikes for children in our community.
During COVID we have continued to assist local families.
We encourage you to save your aluminum: pop cans and tabs, pie plates, foil lasagna pans, fruit cup Lids etc.
The aluminum collected is sold to the recycling plant and the money is then sent to Colasanti’s, which we put directly into the Colasanti’s Wheelchair Fund.

Did you know?

It takes about 4000 pounds of pop tabs for one wheel chair. It takes approximately 1,500 pop tabs to make 1 pound therefore we need 6,000,000 tabs for one chair.

Our restaurant is open from 10am-6pm
Open for dine-in, take-out and delivery!
We hope to see you this ‘Giving Tuesday’
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