New Release!

Two of our newest luxury tropical plants are heading into the Garden Centre.

The beautiful Red Mojo Calathea is characterized by its dark green, almost black, oval shaped leaves with bright pink outlining.
Our stunning Roseopicta ‘Rosy’ Calathea, grows an oval leaf with inner pink detailing and a green border.
Calathea plants are commonly referred to as prayer plants. Prayer plants leaves open during the day and close at night. It’s said that the leaves shift to follow the sun’s movement, soaking in the maximum amount of sunlight.
Place your calathea in a bright light location, with filtered sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause your leaves to burn.
During the fall and winter, allow the top layer of soil to slightly dry between waterings. During the warmer seasons, spring and summer, keep your plant moist.

2.5” pots are available at


Our Garden Centre will be open for indoor shopping starting February 16, 2021
Open from 10am-5pm

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