Colasanti’s offers a variety of tropical plants, succulents, bonsai trees, orchids, seasonal plants, flowers, and more. Most are grown on site in our growing greenhouses!

Our Garden Centre is Now Open!

We welcome you to shop in our retail areas.

Garden Centre Hours

10am-11am: The first hour of each day will be dedicated to seniors and vulnerable persons.

11am-5pm: Garden Centre Open to all guests

*** Hours are subject to change.

Care Guide

We want you to get the most out of your plants. That’s why we put together care instructions for some of the most popular plants sold at Colasanti’s.


What’s Popular?

Winter Favourites

Poinsettia plants, Christmas cacti, live garland, Christmas trees, potted Spring bulbs, primrose, potted mini roses, amaryllis.

Fall Favourites

Fall mums, asters, grasses, rudbeckia, cabbage, ornamental peppers.

Spring Favourites

Easter lilies, hydrangea, annuals and perennials, hanging baskets, patio planters, geraniums, petunias, Boston ferns, potted bulbs, gerbera daisies.

Summer Favourites

Exotic fruit trees, citrus trees, Boston ferns, cacti and succulents, hibiscus, oleander, mandevilla, citronella, gerbera daisies.

Taking plants out of the country? USDA, CFIA, CITIES and Homeland Security no longer provide us with the proper certification to allow retail plants to cross the border into the United States. Our sincerest apologies.


Looking for a safe and natural way to keep your plants bug free? Colasanti’s uses a mild dish soap on their plants in order to keep their plants clean. Add a couple tablespoons of mild dish soap to water. Mist your plants with the mixture. Let the soap sit on your leaves for 2-4 hours (you can leave the soap overnight) and rinse off your plant with water. Make sure that you do not set your soapy leaves in the sun. The soap on the leaves could burn your leaves.

Looking for a way to get rid of fungus gnats in your plants? Top Dress 1/2 inch of sand to the top of your soil. Do not mix in soil, lay on top. The fungus gnat will not drill through the sand to lay eggs, eventually they expire and there are no offspring to replace them.

Take a peak in our production and retail greenhouses to see what’s growing. We are proud to grow plants every day of the year for you.

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