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Bringing Warm Weather Plants Indoors

As the weather starts to cool, it is important to consider bringing tropical plants indoors. We have some quick tips based on our experience with this seasonal transition.


Warm weather plants should be indoors before the first frost- ideally, a week or two before. This will enable a smoother transition so plants aren’t acclimating from the very cool temperatures outside to the warm, dry conditions of our homes.


High light plants can be placed directly in or near sunny windows to maximize lighting conditions.

A majority of tropical plants that we carry prefer indirect bright lighting. Place them near a window but out of direct sun.

Low light plants will do well in a room with some natural light but don’t need to be located too close to a window.


Plants often require less water during the winter time so consider reducing their watering schedules. Check the growing medium before watering and be sure to discard excess water from saucers or pots after irrigating.


Plants' growth starts to slow during autumn and winter so we recommend reducing or pressing pause on fertilizer applications.


Be mindful of heat ducts that could dry your plants out, or cold drafts from windows or doors.


Inspect your plants for any bugs prior to bringing them indoors. Gently spraying plants with a hose or wiping down the leaves can be helpful with eliminating stowaway bugs or loose leaves.

Happy Growing!

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