Trimming these Japanese plants to look like miniature versions of larger trees is an Asian art form thought to be an expression of harmony between Heaven and Earth. The care that these plants require allows you to slow down and feel an inner sense of composure; all while gaining a beautiful member to your plant family. Availability may vary.

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Lots of light is crucial to the health of your tree, so placing your bonsai by a South-facing window is ideal.


Your bonsai tree needs a watering when the top centimeter of soil begins to feel dry. Never let your tree dry out completely! Avoid setting a watering routine, and instead get in the habit of watering by monitoring your trees individually.


Fertilizing regularly during your tree’s growth season is crucial. Older and more mature trees will require less fertilizing. It is important to use the right fertilizer, so check in with a plant consultant at Colasanti’s to determine which fertilizer is a good fit for your tree.