This colourful tropical plant will certainly stand out in your houseplant collection. Check in with a plant consultant at Colasanti’s for any questions you may have about the bromeliad family!



Your bromeliad should receive medium to bright indirect sunlight.


At it’s base, your bromeliad’s leaves form a sort of “cup” that should be filled with water. It should be emptied regularly to filter out debris. Some bromeliads don’t do well with a high salt content in their water, so be sure to monitor this. These plants are sensitive to overwatering, so you’ll want to be sure you’re not leaving it in excess water. Because these plants are tropical, humidity is important. If your home is dry, give them a misting when you notice their leaves drying, or grow them over a humidity tray.


Bromeliads have a small root system, so they won’t need to be repotted often. The soil should be relatively rich and with proper drainage!