Golden Pothos

This easy and undemanding houseplant is a great starter to your personal jungle. They thrive in a variety of environments, which is why most people say these are harder to kill than they are to keep alive! Availability may vary.



These plants like a wide variety of light conditions. They can thrive in low light environments and in brighter conditions (highly variegated = brighter lighting, check with your plants consultant at Colasanti’s for more information), but you should still be wary exposing them to direct sunlight as their leaves will burn.


Pothos plants are generally grown in soil, but cuttings can be taken from a mother plant and rooted in water. They can also be propagated in soil; whatever medium they begin in is the medium they should stay in!


Pothos plants require less water than most tropical plants. Water when the top inch of soil becomes dry, and water thoroughly until the water drains from the bottom. If your pothos clipping is rooted in water, assure that the water covers the roots at all times.