Pitcher Plant

These carnivorous plants grown at Colasanti’s evolved from swamps that didn’t have enough nutrients in the soil, so they adapted by eating insects! Get yourself a pitcher plant for a conversation starter in your home garden.



Your pitcher plant needs bright, indirect sunlight to flourish. Direct sunlight will cause its leaves to scorch. It can go outside for the summer, but should be brought in once the temperature starts to cool.


These plants originated in a swamp, where their growing medium is almost always moist, so it’s important to not let their soil dry out. At the same time, we don’t want them to become soggy by sitting in water. Keep the soil damp and keep the humidity high by misting or using a humidity tray.


These plants are used to soil with little nutrients, so they’ll feed themselves. If your home is clean of insects, feel free to feed it a fly once in a while; they’ll love it!