Famous Foods & Meals

Broasted Chicken & Potatoes

Boxed Broasted Chicken

4pc Box…$9.00+tax
6pc Box…$13.50+tax
8pc Box…$18.00+tax
12pc Box…$27.00+tax
16pc Box…$36.00+tax
20pc Box…$45.00+tax

Broasted Potato Order

3pc Order…$2.10+tax
5pc Order…$3.50+tax

Broasted Chicken Dinners

Dinners Include Fries or Broasted Potatoes,
Coleslaw, Rolls and Butter
2pc Dinner…$9.99+tax
3pc Dinner…$11.99+tax
4pc Dinner…$13.99+tax

Family Value Meals

Family of 4: $34.99+tax

12 pc Broasted Chicken
12oz Coleslaw
10 Broasted Potatoes or 1 Medium Platter of Fries

Family of 6: $51.99+tax

18 pc Broasted Chicken
24oz Coleslaw
15 Broasted Potatoes or 1 Large Platter of Fries

Family of 8: $68.99+tax

24 pc Broasted Chicken
48oz Coleslaw
20 Broasted Potatoes or 2 Medium Platters of Fries


Plain and Cinnamon & Sugar
Single $0.80+tax
Half Dozen $5.00 inc. tax
Dozen $8.00 inc. tax

October Feature – Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon and Sugar Donuts

16″ Pizza

Pizza’s can be cut into 12 or 16 pieces
1 Topping $20.99+tax
Each Additional Topping $2.00

Peach Drink

2L Jug…$6.00
4L Jug…$9.00