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Colasanti's Spring Pots 2018

Decorative Pots

Your plants need a home of their own. With the wide array of decorative pots offered at Colasanti’s, we’re sure that you’ll find one that fits your plant perfectly.

Nautical Decor

Who doesn’t love the feel of a lakeside cabin? Our nautical decor is sure to give your home a cozy and attractive makeover with inspiration drawn from our friends at sea.

Rustic Decor

A cozy farmhouse more your style? Colasanti’s offers a variety of pots, accessories, decorations and hanging arrangements to match the rustic appeal of any budget.

Macrame and Glassware

Nothing is quite as elegant as the beautiful rope-knotting technique that is macrame paired with gorgeously crafted glass decor and planters. This decor is sure to add a Bohemian and cozy touch to any space.

Memorial Decor

Colasanti’s offers a large variety of ornamental stones, angels and Trees of Life that gives us the opportunity to remember our passed loved ones.


A little bit of typography on the wall makes any space feel more like home. Customize your place with decorative signs that feel like you.

Stuffed Animals

Colasanti’s offers a collection of TY stuffed animals for those of you who are into collecting them all, or just looking for a fluffy friend.