Snake Plant Behind The Scenes


It’s another ‘Behind The Scenes’ view
into our production greenhouse.

A fresh Snake Plant crop is being planted into 4″ pots.

It will take approx. 2 months for their roots to securely grow into their new pots. Two months may seem like a long wait, but its actually a quick turn around when you compare it to the fall and winter months.
This same crop will take twice as long to grow in the fall and winter months because of the reduced amount of sunlight available.

This variety is called ‘Sanseveria Fernwood Mikado’, known for its dark green leaves with light colour striping.

Snake plants are great for medium and bright light spaces. Many people place them in their offices and bedrooms.

Did you know that Snake Plants are one of NASA’s recommended air-filtering plants?
They absorb toxins (formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene) into their leaves and produce clean air.

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