Spruce Up Your Indoor Space With Houseplants


​​Taking down the Christmas tree marks the potential for a fresh start. It is a new year and a time for possible new beginnings. We often feel inspired to set goals, reorganize and declutter. Once your tree is gone, however, you might also be left with an empty corner in a room that didn’t seem to be there before the holiday season.

Greenery provides so much to an indoor space. It brings a feeling of freshness, a splash of colour, and creates a point of visual interest. Plants make a space feel more welcoming and have even been linked to increased creativity and improved mood. Suddenly getting rid of a Christmas tree can leave you missing all of these positive benefits. 

We suggest filling your tree-sized hole with a beautiful indoor floor plant. If you are a new plant parent or your space provides medium to low light, we recommend snake plants, dracaenas, yucca cane, peace lilies, cast iron plants and ZZ plants. These options are great for beginners due to their low maintenance care requirements. 

For a space with bright, indirect light conditions, generally, there are a few more plant options available to you. Great foliage plants like palms, white bird of paradise, fiddle leaf fig, rubber plants, money tree, and monsteras are some plant parent favourites. These lush beauties instantly bring indoor jungle vibes.


Looking to replace the green but aren’t ready to commit to a large floor plant?
No problem, there are so many plant options available that range from smaller tabletop options, to arrangements, to hanging baskets. Consider the conditions of your home, your experience level, your preferred aesthetic and how much time you have to commit to caring for a plant. These factors will help you pick out the perfect one for you.
Other tried and true favourites include spider plants, pothos, philodendrons, inch plants, calatheas, ferns, alocasias, succulents, and cacti. 


The options are limitless and each plant variety is unique in its care requirements. If you would like some assistance in picking out a plant that is right for you and your home environment, visit one of the associates in our garden centre. 


Colasanti's - Split Leaf Monstera in Basket
Colasanti's - 10 inch tropical plants
Midnight ZZ Plant - Colasanti's Tropical Gardens - Black ZZ Plant

Learn more about some of our floor plants on shop.colasanti.com

10″ Rubber Plant

10″ Bird of Paradise

10″ Peace Lily

10″ Sansevieria Plant

10″ Monstera Split Leaf Philodendron

10″ Fiddle Leaf Fig

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