Weekly Deal (May 18-24)

Happy Monday! This weeks “$25 Weekday Deal”, includes:

• Two packages of Saucy Broasted Chicken Bites from our Frozen Foods Freezer.

Choose two sauces:
– Honey garlic -or-
– BBQ -or-
– Buffalo -or-
– Sweet and Sour

• Pick one: 2L Peach Drink -or- one package of Strawberries
• Pick one: one bag of Bell Peppers -or- Flatbeans

* No further discounts apply.
* Available until May 24, 2020
Our restaurant is open daily 11am-6pm, for take-out and delivery.


Broasted Chicken Bites
Cooking Tips: Cook at 350 Degrees for 25-35 minutes. Keep covered, stir 1-2 times while cooking.



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