Winter Plant Care Tips

A change in seasons means adjusting plant care routines to suit the new conditions. Different plant species vary in their winter care needs so be sure to do a little bit of research into the plants in your collection. That being said, we have a good general guideline to help you out.



It’s natural for your plants to need less water to stay hydrated when temperatures drop outside.  Winter brings shorter days which leads to a decrease in the amount of sunlight your plant will receive. The combination of colder days, less humidity and reduced sunlight contributes to many plants experiencing a much slower growth rate during the frigid months.

Plant Food

Since plants aren’t growing as actively during this time they don’t require feeding. For most plants it’s best to press pause on fertilizing until the Spring when your plant is showing signs of new growth.

Spa Day

Plant leaves accumulate dust and therefore require wiping down from time to time. Dust build-up prohibits plants from properly photosynthesising, which is especially important during winter months when the days are shorter.

Cool Drafts

Many plants, especially tropicals, are sensitive to cold air. If you notice cold drafts coming from windows or doors, move your plants out of reach.


As we turn the heat on in our homes, the relative humidity drops and the air becomes drier. Be sure to attend to your houseplant’s humidity and moisture needs by grouping them together, misting them, using a humidifier, or using a pebble tray.
This does not apply to cacti and succulents which require dry conditions.


With the days slowly starting to get shorter, some of your plants may need to be moved to areas of your home that receive more light. We recommend rotating the pots each time you water your plants to ensure that they are growing evenly.
Enjoy the break in your care routine.  Spring is just around the corner and your plants will be looking for more attention.
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