ZZ Plants are back!

📢 ZZ Plants are BACK IN-STOCK!

(Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)
It’s been no secret, our company had a difficult time finding ZZ Plants this past spring and summer. Shipments have been short with limited quantities available.
🚨 Finally we have some good news! Our search is over.
400 plants have arrived, available in four sizes.
5″ Pots – $12.99+tax
6″ Pots – $14.99+tax
10″ Pots – $42.99+tax
12″ Pots – $79.99+tax
🌿 ZZ Plants are perfect for a beginner or a busy person on the go. Their densely packed, thick vertical stems are adorned with shiny, dark green leaves that create an eye-catching display. ZZ Plants are perfect for the home or office not only because of their unique look but also because of their tolerance for neglect. They can grow in low light conditions and are drought-tolerant.
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