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New! Grab & Go Meals

We have freshly prepared meals, ready-to-go!
Perfect for busy days.

Whole Broasted Chickens $17.99+tax
4pc. Broasted Chicken with Broasted Potatoes $12.99+tax
Half Rack Broasted Ribs $11.99+tax
Full Rack Broasted Ribs $23.99+tax

Colasanti's Broasted Ribs

Ponytail Palms

Beaucarnea recurvata
Also Known as “Elephants Foot” or “Bottle Palm” the Ponytail Palm is recognized for its elegant bulb-like trunk and an abundance of long, curling leaves. It is a slow-growing plant but can reach up to 4ft. indoors with leaves as long as 3ft. Despite its name, the Ponytail Palm is not an actual palm, but is part of the succulent family.
The Ponytail Palm is native to eastern Mexico which means it likes a dry environment and is drought tolerant.
It’s the perfect option for new plant parents, busy people, or those that like to travel. Learn more.

Your spring sidekick is back!

Our Cold Brewed Iced Coffee is here for another season.

Add a flavour shot and treat yourself to a sweet and salty drink.
Our most popular flavours are French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel

Colasanti's Iced Coffee
Strawberry Donut - Colasantis

Donut of The Month

This June we are featuring a Strawberry Glaze Donut.
Enjoy a plain Colasanti Donut topped with a sweet strawberry icing and locally grown strawberry slices.
Our Restaurant is open daily from 10am-6pm.
*Limited quantities available daily.

Meet Mikey, our tortoise

Learn about our Coffee crops

Our West End Parking Lot Is Open!

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