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Everyday Menu

kids meal hot dog

Weekday deal



Includes one Kiddie Meal & One Petting Farm Admission

Kiddie Meal options include one entree, one side (veggies or french fries) and a small drink.
New! Kids Pasta Dinner. Includes a bowl of our pasta with meat sauce, roll and butter.


Offer is available Monday-Thursday. Not available on selected holidays, school breaks

and when $9.73+tax Activity Passes are offered.

broasted chicken

Broasted Chicken

taxes are applicable

Family Value Meals

Family of 4: $43.79+tax

  • 12 pc Broasted Chicken

  • 12oz Coleslaw

  • Your choice of: 10 Broasted Potatoes or 1 Medium Platter of Fries

Family of 6: $64.89+tax

  • 18 pc Broasted Chicken

  • 24oz Coleslaw

  • Your choice of: 15 Broasted Potatoes or 1 Large Platter of Fries

Family of 8: $86.19+tax

  • 24 pc Broasted Chicken

  • 48oz Coleslaw

  • Your choice of: 20 Broasted Potatoes or 2 Medium Platters of Fries

Broasted Potato Order

3 pc.
5 pc.






Broasted Chicken Dinners

Dinners Include Fries or Broasted Potatoes, Coleslaw, Rolls & Butter
2 pc. Dinner 
3 pc. Dinner 
4 pc. Dinner 







Boxed Broasted Chicken
4 pc. Box

6 pc. Box

8 pc. Box

12 pc. Box

16 pc. Box

20 pc. Box

Chicken Bites

Boneless Chicken Bites with your choice of sauce:
honey garlic, sweet and sour, BBQ, pineapple curry, buffalo


Guest Faves

taxes are applicable

Penne Pasta

A single serving with Colasanti's Meat Sauce



Plain and Cinnamon & Sugar

Single $1.00+tax

1/2 Dozen $6.00 tax inc.

Dozen $9.79 tax inc.

Peach Drink

500ml Bottle $3.09 tax inc.

2L Jug $7.49 tax inc.

4L Jug $10.89 tax inc.

Personal Pan Pizza

Up to 3 toppings


16" Pizza

1 Topping $25.19+tax

2 Toppings $27.49+tax

3 Toppings $29.79+tax

Can be cut into 12 or 16 pieces. Each additional topping is $2.20

Apple Cider


2L Jug $9.79 tax inc.

4L Jug $14.39 tax inc.

close up of chicken burger and salad


taxes are applicable


Angus Burger $9.99

Cheeseburger $10.54
Broasted Chicken Breast Sandwich $9.19
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $8.79
Chicken Ranch Wrap $9.69
BLT Sandwich $7.19

1/2 lb. Chicken Bites $6.19
Veggie Delight Wrap $8.59
Nathan’s Hot Dog $6.49

Kids Meal


Includes fries or veggies, & a small fountain drink:

Chicken Bites

Hot Dog


Kid's Pasta Dinner

Enjoy a bowl of Colasanti’s famous meat sauce pasta. Includes a dinner roll with butter and small fountain drink.


Broasted Potatoes (3pc) $2.59
Broasted Potatoes (5pcs) $4.29
Gravy Small (4oz) $1.29
Gravy Medium (10oz) $3.59
Gravy Large (1L) $7.19

Colasanti’s Coleslaw
Side Order (4oz)
Small (12oz) $4.79
Medium (24oz) $7.19
Large (48oz) $10.89

French Fries
Small Fries
Medium Platter (2-3 people) $7.19
Large Platter (4-5 people) $10.89
Poutine $8.49

Small Tossed Salad $4.89
Large Tossed Salad $11.99

Upgrade: add a grilled chicken breast $6.69


Colasanti Salad Dressing Bottles
Small $5.79
Large $11.49

close up of breakfast plate

Breakfast Menu

taxes are applicable

Available from 9am-11am

Joe’s Breakfast $8.99

Includes 2 eggs, hashbrowns, toast and your choice of meat.
Meat options: bacon or sausage

Three Egg Breakfast $12.39

Includes three eggs, hashbrowns, toast, bacon and sausage.

Omelet $8.29

Pick 3 items for filling.

Burrito $7.19

Pick 3 items for filling.

Family of 4 Breakfast $38.99

10 Scrambled Eggs

8 Breakfast Sausages

12 pieces of Bacon


4 Donut French Toasts

1 Bowl of Strawberries

kids donut french toast

Egg Sandwich $3.59

Includes your choice of toast with one egg
Add on options: cheese, ham, bacon

Breakfast Sides

Breakfast Sausage $3.69

Bacon $3.69

One Egg $1.59

Hashbrowns $3.69

Side of Toast (2pcs) $2.29

Multigrain toast $3.04

Cider Pancakes $7.19

PB&J Donut French Toast $8.29

4 Colasanti's Donuts, cut and turned into French Toast with a delicious PB&J filling

Donut French Toast $7.19

4 Colasanti's Donuts, cut and turned into French Toast.


One Egg Breakfast

Includes one egg, hashbrowns, toast and your choice of meat.
Meat options: bacon or sausage

Cider Pancakes

Donut French Toast (2 pc)

PB&J Donut French Toast (2pc)

Gluten Friendly Options

taxes are applicable

If you have a severe gluten allergy, we do not recommend you eat from our menu.  There is a chance of cross contamination.  We do not have a fryer dedicated to gluten friendly items.

pasta dish

Hamburger $10.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.79

Gluten Free Pasta with Colasanti’s Meat Sauce $7.19

Small Tossed Salad $4.89

Large Tossed Salad $11.99

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