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Boston fern closeup

Mini Golf & Petting Farm Field Trip Package

Field trip packages are available Monday to Friday.
They are not available on weekends and holidays.

What's Included...

18 Hole

Indoor Mini Golf

Our 18 hole mini-golf course is surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens. Complete with koi fish, red-eared slider turtles, sand traps and water fountains.

Approx. 45 minutes

mini golf course

Petting Farm Fun

zookeeper holding bearded dragon

Approx. 45 minutes

Animal Enrichment Activity: Our zookeepers will explain the purpose of habitat enrichment for animals. Students will be presented with options for animal enrichment. After a quick vote, students will get to see their selected activity implemented in a habitat.

Scavenger Hunt: During this self-guided activity, students can observe different types of animals and compare their physical characteristics. 


Meet & Greet: Enjoy a visit with one of our zookeepers and an animal friend during a 10 minute meet & greet. 

Outdoor exhibits close from Nov. to early Spring.

Mini Golf & Petting Farm Field Trip Package Pricing

Classes of 19 or fewer students: Flat Fee Pricing $140+tax ($158.20 taxes inc.)

Classes of 20 or more students: $7.08+tax per student ($8.00 taxes inc.)
Teachers/Chaperones: FREE admission to activity areas.

Add-On Options

Donut & Peach Drink

One donut and one cup of peach drink:

$2.00 per person

Available for teachers, chaperones and students. Numbers must be confirmed during the booking process prior to your arrival.

Production tour

A Trip to Remember

lemurs sitting on stone platform
donuts being made
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