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Choosing the right pot size

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

A quick guide to finding the container to fit your plant

A commonly asked question from our customers is, “what size of pot should I choose for my plant?”.

The first thing to know is that when we are referring to plants, the numbers we use for sizing them has to do with the diameter of pot they are in and not the actual measurements of the plant its self.

A general rule of thumb is to go up one to two pot sizes (which is one to two inches) if your container is under ten inches in diameter. If repotting a 4” sansevieria for example, we would suggest choosing a 5”-6” pot as the next progression.

If you are repotting a plant that is larger than 10”, you have a little more wiggle room and can go up to a pot that is 2” to 3” larger.

Following this rule helps to ensure that there is an

appropriate amount of soil in the pot. The excess soil that comes with choosing a larger than suggested pot size could lead one of the following: root rot, overwatering and

unwanted stress to your root system.

We have a large variety of beautiful pottery to suit your needs in our garden centre.

Should you still require assistance in choosing a pot size, stop by and talk to one of our retail plants associates.

Happy planting!

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