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Venus Fly Trap Care Tips

Looking for quick tips to help care for your Venus fly trap? Our growers have some advice based on their years of experience with this carnivorous plant.

Water- Tap Water is toxic for Venus fly traps. The ph of the water is too high and the chlorine will burn these plants. We have had the greatest success with irrigating using rainwater, distilled water, or a charcoal filter.

Always keep the growing medium moist- this plant naturally grows in bogs where it is able to maintain constant moisture. Do now allow the growing medium to become dry.

Choose peat moss over soil- our experience is that Venus fly traps grow best in peat moss and sphagnum moss which have low PH levels.

Fertilizer isn’t necessary- due to its origins in nutrient-poor bogs, Venus fly traps thrive in a low-nutrient medium. This means you don’t have to incorporate fertilizer into its care routine. Fly traps, kept indoors, would benefit from an insect feeding every 10-14 days. Flies, mealworms, spiders, beetles and slugs are all suitable options for your plant.

Place in a bright light environment- this light-loving plant prefers direct sun. Place is near a bright window where it can soak up the sun’s direct rays. If your plant receives less than 10 hours of light per day, it may want to go dormant.

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